Hey!  You like FREE stuff, eh?  Who doesn’t?! How about FREE Gift Cards, T-Shirts, Candy, Jewelry, Coupon Codes, Star Wars Items, and probably some surprise freebies along the way, plus be in the know, exclusive 75% off sales!  FREE TO ENTER, and It’s real simple to WIN!  There of course, are a few tiny rules to qualify for full entry.  SHARE! Share our shop links with your friends!  Share our ‘official page‘ on social media.  SHARE a single kickass item you love of ours while you are *hint, hinting* to your significant other to purchase it for you…. First rule, SHARE! 🙂

We have a few different giveaways, with a bunch of chances to win…..  yes, you can enter to win for all of them.  No purchase necessary.  Full Giveaway Rules Below.. but first, a shop link, to share, right there ——->

FREE TO ENTER and No Purchase Necessary!


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You must provide us with your current email when entering for your chance to win.  If you change your email before contest ends, and do not re-enter with your new email address, we may not be able to contact you to distribute prize.  If we can not contact 1st pick winner within 14 days of giveaway ending, we will pick another winner and try again!

IF PRIZE IS A PHYSICAL ITEM, winner must provide us with correct, official USPS shipping address, after giveaway end, to receive the winning prize. Prize will be shipped via USPS.  We’re covering the cost of shipping (to USA only), don’t worry, no extra costs, we just need winner’s correct address!  We are unable to ship Internationally on this giveaway.  If non-USA winner, that person will receive the chance to pay for shipping to receive prize, if international winner denies paying shipping costs, we will pick another winner and try again!  No Purchase Necessary.

IF PRIZE IS A DIGITAL ITEM, THE WINNING PRIZE DOES NOT REQUIRE SHIPPING, winner will just need correct email address on file with us!  No problems at all with International winners on this giveaway!  Same as USA winners, just need correct Email address. No Purchase Necessary.  Coupon codes are one time use only.  No cash Value.  Coupon Codes can not be transferred to 3rd party without consent from us.  Codes valid only at


PRIZES: The winners will receive Various Prizes!  We are giving away T-shirts, Candy, Jewelry, Coupon Codes, and probably some surprise freebies, maybe even an awesome Vintage Treasure or two!  Different Prizes will be announced or not and will be a surprise. Times may vary, Days may vary, totally RANDOMNESS! 🙂 First Prize giveaway is FRIDAY 13th, APRIL 2018.  All others will be announced sometime.



  1. SHARE!  You must share our home page, our social page, an item currently for sale in the shops, post SOMETHING PUBLICLY about us, on your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Shoutout on Instagram, somewhere socially! Remember to @ Tag Us)
  2. NEWSLETTER! This is the important one!  You MUST sign up to our VIP List.  This is the official list we will randomly choose our winners from.  If you unsubscribe at anytime before all the giveaways end, you automatically un-enter to win. Visit this page to sign up!  We won’t spam you, or ever sell your information. Promise.
  3. DO EXTRA!  This one doesn’t have to be completed, just extra credit!! Send us a private e-mail or direct message!  Write a (eh em, good) Blog about us! Share our links Everyday for a month!  Stand out in supporting us, double your chances of winning!  🙂

That’s it, so simple! As with any giveaways, contests, rewards, rules and prizes subject to change at our discretion.  We can discontinue any giveaways, for any reason, at any time.  We reserve the right to disqualify anyone, for any reason.  Yes, all ‘share’ posts must be public. No Purchase Necessary.

Any questions, concerns, suggestions, whatever, please send us an email at or

@TheRecycledGreenRose or @TRGRThriftyShop any of our social medias apply.


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FINE PRINT: (again, for the people in the back)
Giveaway open to residents of USA, anyone outside of the USA has the option (if winner) to purchase shipping to receive Free Giveaway items!  We can not at this time, offer Free Shipping Internationally. All Giveaways end EST. We will announce winners on social media (first name only).  With some of our Giveaways, a response by EMAIL IS EXPECTED to receive prizes.  If you sign up using a throw away email, or loose access to your email, or for any other reason you can’t reply back from the email you signed up with originally, your chances to win drop dramatically.




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