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almost #2000Sales #Goals

Thank you all, to almost a total of 2,000 Customers!!!!! Wow. Coming up to my 6th year (July)…. Thank you!

January 11th today… How many more days until I reach my goal? Any guesses?!?!? Here, I’ll go first. 2nd week of the 2nd month, 2 items sold together. 🙂

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Are you a #Matchbox or #HotWheels #Collector??!?? you NEED to see this!!

I’m doing a HUGE PUSH of 60+ #NEWITEMS and they are all #MATCHBOX and #HOTWHEELS (all in Original Packaging).  #COMINGSOON sometime over this upcoming weekend. #FREESHIPPING #DiecastCars #CollectibleCars #ClassicCars #ExoticSportsCars #DiecastCollectibles #Chevrolet #Pontiac #Volvo #DiecastCollectibles

there are oh so many!!! from construction equipment to exotic sports cars, trucks, jeeps, hot rod’s, rescue vehicles, circus trucks!  Follow us to be the first to take a browse through them!  ALL OF THEM IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING!

Want to take a look now?  Can’t wait?!  visit the shop here, to take a look at the diecast’s already in stock!!!!

Please, tell us in the comments, what is your favorite model? 🙂

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Reminder: Last Days to Shop my #AfterChristmasSale

take 15% off all Christmas items! Valid thru Saturday January 6th. #ShopNow all items are in the “ON SALE” section of the shop!!

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Sale, 15% off. Dec 28, 2017—Jan 6, 2018

All CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY items are on sale until January 6th. After Holiday’s Discount! 15% off ALL HOLIDAY ITEMS!!! Most items have FREE Shipping also! Checkout all the Christmas items on sale now!! 🙂  Just added more to the “ON SALE” Section!! Click the Shop Link! ~~~here!~~