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Flashback, MTV … whoa.

Best music video I have seen since 1992.  click here for youtube video.

Worth watching for your next 3 minutes and 48 seconds of life.

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When you try out a new recipe, not frozen food crap, not any foods with fillers, but a good home cooked meal dinner recipe.. and you are the only one who eats it out of a household of seven, been eating it for DAAAAYS. Their choice to eat, Ramen Noodles. #MomLife #HowDoIChangeItUp

now, the #RamenNoodles are hidden. #Boom #YOUCANNOTLIVEOFFOFNOODLES #MomSays #EatAnApple #FineThen #GoWithoutFood see how far that gets you. #Ugh

And I didnt buy that crap, daddy did.