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almost #2000Sales #Goals

Thank you all, to almost a total of 2,000 Customers!!!!! Wow. Coming up to my 6th year (July)…. Thank you!

January 11th today… How many more days until I reach my goal? Any guesses?!?!? Here, I’ll go first. 2nd week of the 2nd month, 2 items sold together. 🙂

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Reminder: Last Days to Shop my #AfterChristmasSale

take 15% off all Christmas items! Valid thru Saturday January 6th. #ShopNow all items are in the “ON SALE” section of the shop!!

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#SeriouslyEtsy #Funny

Search Term:  CANCER AGAIN

Results:  TRUMP

That’s too funny. 1 page, 27 results. cancer againSo, for all you #EtsyMakers out there, #EtsyDesigners, #EtsyCustomShops #EtsyHandmade – There is NOTHING on #Etsy to do with actually having Cancer AGAIN.  Beat it, and then bam, it gets you a second time, there should be SOMETHING….. Get to it #EtsyCreators 🙂  new item suggestion #crafters !!! 🙂