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#Jawbreaker, #Watercolor #CornHole Boards #ForSale

These, are my absolute favorite I’ve done! (for the official list, Green Bay Packers, Capitals, Garfield HS, Woodbridge HS, Bowling Alley Scheme, and quite a few plain or stained Natural wood) 

The Jawbreaker/WaterColor Cornhole Boards will be ready for purchase Tuesday, June 6th. #ForSale We have two sets ready for purchase NOW!! A) Regulation size stained wood and B) Miniature Tailgate size stained wood. 

above photograph:: of miniture set

above photograph:: regulation size

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Interested in purchasing a set? Contact T!

Lady's Workbench · projects · Shop Talk


Last week, I started a new project. I have wanted to work on this one for soooo long. ITS STARTED!!! πŸ™‚ 1950’s Vornado Air Circulator Fan.  Company Started in the 1940’s its a cross between a Tornado and Vortex…. Vornado.  This one works, and boy oh boy it kicks air, so I am a little confused why they arent popular today?  Yes, the company is still in business today… you can find them on Amazon too. “Worlds Finest Air Circulator” I agree. πŸ˜‰  Can’t wait to see this bad boy when I’m done!  

This is a project, sitting on top of another project… all surrounded by #LadiesWorkbenches in need of serious cleanup!! Ugh. 

Now…. take note. There are rubber grommets that are used on these fans for vibration, sound reduction.  But, they dry rot after time. These have, and the solution someone found for that problem was, #BandAids …. yep. these motor mounts are sitting on my workbench now to be sanded. bandaids. 

Trying to find an owners manual, I would also LOVE to see vintage advertisements for the Vornado fan!  Now to seach ebay and the like for parts!!  πŸ˜‰ 

Model B24C1-1 Serial No. 352, O.A. Sutton Co, Wichita, Kansas, USA

the sticker instructs that the motor be oiled every three months for proper performance. 

No ebay needed!!! I found these two links, which are extremely helpful! 

Found a guy dedicated to these Vormado Air Circulators. I will be making an order from him soon!! πŸ™‚

Vornado Database of Models

more added later!!! ………..