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2018 Year in Review!!! #Etsy

Let’s go 2019!!! SHOP! SHOP and SHOP some more!!! Im ready to ship!!!!!! 🙂

Thank you to everyone in 2018 for making this #SmallShop do a happy dance!!!!

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turned on red and blue merry christmas neon sign

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from our shop to your home!

Big THANK YOU to all the customers!


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Worldwide 24/7 Online Shopping 🛒 over 1,271 sales shipped 📬 312 reviews 📈 averaging a ☆☆☆☆☆ rating, established 2012. 🎉 🆕️ Thrift Storefront 🏢Opening Soon!! ☮️❤️♻️😃 🛒 #TRGR

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1198 sales

TWO MORE SALES until I reach a whopping total of 1,200 SALES!!!! WOOHOO!! So close!! I am hoping to reach this goal, ahead of my guess of, “2nd week, of the 2nd month” which would be like around, February 12th.  It is only January 29th!  THANK YOU!!!! Keep Browsing, Keep Buying, and I will keep, finding new items and shipping them to you!!! THANK YOU!!! 🙂 🙂


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I #Googled #Boobs for you

This is a test.  This is only a test. I googled boobs and shared a screen shot with you all, for testing purposes.  Just wanted to see the stat difference by sharing #tits with everyone.  How many more clicks do #BOOBIES get?  Test results back in 3-5 days. 🙂


These are the first results that came up, btw.  three boobs within the first 8 pictures. haha.  and 30% off boobs!

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Hey, Customers!  You following me?  🙂  Here is a link for you to click. Send me some #Feedback. I would love to hear about your experience at The Recycled Green Rose. #TRGR


link to questionnaire::
link to shop::  TheRecycledGreenRose
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My shop runs on 2’s.  Usually, its two sales that are about the same price (rounding numbers here), like 19.95 and the very next sale is 20.00 … Sometimes, it’s the same state selling back to back, and that is usually one of three places, NY, TX or CA.  But, this #double is sale No. 919 & 920.  (ALMOST hitting 1000 SALES, Thank You!).  this #DOUBLEDouble sale, both sales are going to PA, and both sales are going to a #Megan . It’s a double, double!  and a first for this kinda double. 🙂  #THANKYOU Now back to updating the MAP!