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*Late, Yesterdays* #MAILCALL

Whoops, was so busy, I forgot to upload this picture from, wait, was it yesterday? I think it was the day before even! I’m two days late yelling out MAIL CALL!!! Welp, Cali your package is already gone, on the way!!

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#TakeYourDogToWorkDay or let them drive themselves

Greatest tiny lap warmer ever!! Love this little guy!

But I always take my dogs to work, everyday. I think I should reverse today for me, and have a break from tripping over sleeping dogs. They are ALWAYS following me.

Always!!! Following me.


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over 1,100+ sales worldwide, quick national shipping times, but, from my calculations, no one lives in #Wyoming !  5 1/2 years in business, not one sale to #WY!