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1198 sales

TWO MORE SALES until I reach a whopping total of 1,200 SALES!!!! WOOHOO!! So close!! I am hoping to reach this goal, ahead of my guess of, “2nd week, of the 2nd month” which would be like around, February 12th.  It is only January 29th!  THANK YOU!!!! Keep Browsing, Keep Buying, and I will keep, finding new items and shipping them to you!!! THANK YOU!!! 🙂 🙂


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Goal not Met

rounding out 2016 with not meeting the goal of reaching 1,000 sales.  So… we are going into 2017 with the goal to reach 1,000… we are clocking out the year at a total of 974 Sales (in 4.5 years). So close! 26 sales to go!!! #HelpMeReachMyGoal #Whoot2017 #HappyNewYear #Goals #Resolutions #26TOGO

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