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2018 Year in Review!!! #Etsy

Let’s go 2019!!! SHOP! SHOP and SHOP some more!!! Im ready to ship!!!!!! 🙂

Thank you to everyone in 2018 for making this #SmallShop do a happy dance!!!!

MAIL CALL · Where does it all go?!

Monday, Monday MONDAY MAIL CALL!!!

Let’s see here.. UT, CT, ME, SC and NJ your purchases have been mailed. Postal man picked up, and they are riding their travels to you all.

Thank you!!!! 🙂


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EarthDay SALE!


Coupon Code available for two days only!  April 21-22, 2018 use the code * EARTHDAY * for 10% off any item in the shop, offer valid for any total over $10.00.  VISIT OUR SALE!  Be sure to checkout our new CLEARANCE section while browsing!

We use recycled shipping materials all year long, to bring bottom dollar shipping prices to you, its just one way we love the earth all year long!!  Happy Earth Day!! Hug a Tree! 🙂