5 DAYS LEFT For Christmas Shipping!

Make sure your Christmas orders arrive on time!!

The last day to ship USPS Priority Mail is December 20 and the last day for FedEx Ground® is December 17. 

FIVE DAYS LEFT!!! Get those orders in now!!

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6 Days Left! ORDER SOON!

Shop now to receive your Christmas gifts before the big day!   6 DAYS LEFT!!

SHOP NOW!!! Thousands of items with FREE Shipping!

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11 days until Christmas!



Gift Wrapping Available!!

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trgr map colorful different years

SOLD PLACES! but I think I’m missing something……. I have Map Dots EVERYWHERE!!! everywhere, except #WYOMING.  My map proves it. no one lives in Wyoming!! Almost 6 years in business, and I’ve never shipped to Wyoming.  I’ve shipped to South Africa once, C’mon WYOMING! 🙂usa map dots trgr

dots. and dots.  just the usa dots now.

whitewash MAP trgr WYOMING

LOOK! RIGHT THERE. I SEE THE STATE WYOMING.  nothing. nope. not one dot. no map dot. wy map

and again, but different colors.



Thanks GOOGLE, for providing us with kickass maps! So I can prove there is a state of Wyoming. People visit there, specifically because it houses most of Yellowstone National Park..  But I guess, everyone commutes in from neighboring states. 🙂


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*Shots are not of current map.

*Yes, I’m being funny. I’m sure people live in Wyoming…..(cough, prove it, cough).