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#InformationNeeded #HelpWanted

I have received an email from a person requesting more information.  I usually ignore these kinds of emails because, well, honestly, they want information for free (people get paid for their expertise in that profession, they are called Appraiser’s)  but this one interested me!  I have a print from early 1900’s and she has the same print, BUT, Backwards.  Now we both are looking for answers.


girl and dog mine


girl and dog backwards


Now, mine measures 13×16 inches.  it is written on bottom: 1747- Chums, The Wilson Chemical Co, Tyrone, P.A.  I’ve found a facebook page that is dedicated to the Wilson Chemical Co.

Need the time to search more about these!  (will update again later).

Anyone have any information they could add?


Good Link about the Company::  https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/73842-wilson-chemical-co

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