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trgr map colorful different years

SOLD PLACES! but I think I’m missing something……. I have Map Dots EVERYWHERE!!! everywhere, except #WYOMING.  My map proves it. no one lives in Wyoming!! Almost 6 years in business, and I’ve never shipped to Wyoming.  I’ve shipped to South Africa once, C’mon WYOMING! 🙂usa map dots trgr

dots. and dots.  just the usa dots now.

whitewash MAP trgr WYOMING

LOOK! RIGHT THERE. I SEE THE STATE WYOMING.  nothing. nope. not one dot. no map dot. wy map

and again, but different colors.



Thanks GOOGLE, for providing us with kickass maps! So I can prove there is a state of Wyoming. People visit there, specifically because it houses most of Yellowstone National Park..  But I guess, everyone commutes in from neighboring states. 🙂


#ProveIT #CreateAMapDotWyoming #WyomingMapDot #StateOfWyoming #HeyWyoming #WyomingUSA #HelloWyoming #HelloToWyoming #WyomingForPresident #DoesAnyoneLiveThere #UnpopulatedState #INeedAMapDotWyoming #ComeOnWyoming #JustNeedONEMoreState #IHaveALMOSTShippedToTheEntireUSA #ExceptWyoming #ImRunningOutOfWyomingHashtags #HashtagWyoming #NeedAWyomingHashtag



*Shots are not of current map.

*Yes, I’m being funny. I’m sure people live in Wyoming…..(cough, prove it, cough).

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