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Stash money or jewelry or any small valuables where very few people would look!! If you look online at other Security books that you can purchase new – they are metal, tin or aluminum – they would stand out on your bookshelf. This is an actual book – camouflaged correctly into its surroundings. Keep your important documents or valuables concealed and protected seamlessly blended into your bookshelf. Fool even the most sophisticated thieves looking for those metal books! Hide your items right out in the open, not in a lock box thieves are looking for.  These would be awesome as an indoor geocache somewhere!


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stash ring

Or checkout this listing here…. 🙂


Yes, can be custom ordered.  Would love a new project making these!  Ohh the ideas!

Just give a search of the word “Stash” in the shop.

book money

Stash spot just big enough to fit your bills? Buy this one here:



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