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“Oh My, That’s priced too high…”

the LISTING this Blog Post is about. checkout the item, link here!!

Yes, truly, it is for sale.

Yes, truly, it is priced at $10,000.00 USD.

Yes, truly, it is a one of a kind, #original, #signed, only one in existence.

No, I sadly, am not the #Artist.   Yes, I do know them personally.

Yes, someone has said “Oh my, that’s priced too high…” to my face.

Yes, truly, we priced it #TOOHIGH for the average person to own.

Yes, do #share and talk about it with your friends.

Yes, it does come with the Frame as seen in the photo.

It is a GORGEOUS piece of #Artwork.  Black and White pen, with a little bit of color splashed in.  Hand-drawn specifically for me to sell, here, at The Recycled Green Rose.  Unless some craphead jerk has stolen the photos and possibly manipulated them some, you will only find this floral decor here.  Please, let me know if there is a crapheadjerk out there stealing our artwork. 🙂   But today, you could add it into your #WallofArt in your home, create it to be a family heirloom, handed down generation after generation, so your children’s children’s childern’s child can have something to pawn off for a shitload of money in the distant future.  Purchase it for a friend’s birthday, or a wedding gift of a tulip lover. 🙂   Seriously though, you love it?  you’ve read this far, you must be interested.. make us an offer if the price isn’t for you. 😉

10,000 Flowers

Happy Treasure Hunting!!! 🙂

Please do, stop off and visit my shop on your way out…. 🙂  SHOP HERE!  Many, many, many, many other various items you will find there!



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