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Ooooooh, that screen!


Sometimes, putting a #price on something is easy.  A #client wants a certain amount for their item, and its quite easy to fill in.  Sometimes, its a really rare item, and you cant find another one like it, anywhere you search… And sometimes its a #handmade item, and then that box is tricky once again. All depends on whats being pushed to the public #forsale that day.   And, everyday, #TheRecycledGreenRose tries to bring you a new item to #purchase. 

I have #THOUSANDS of items in the shop, see something you like?  No hurt in throwing me a #Barter on something.  That item might not be in on #commission … worth a shot. 🙂 You can find me on #Etsy #Facebook #Twitter #Instagram #Tumblr #Bonanza #myblog #TRGR

anyone else have an issue sometimes with this screen? leave a comment below!


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