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The adventure of re-covering couch chairs… Custom Order

This was a two week long adventure… I do all kinds of odds and ends kinda projects.  There isn’t anything I wouldn’t try to make, or re-touch at least once.  I absolutely love woodworking, but I’ve dabbled in all kinds of other things… From welding to swapping engines in vehicles, to crocheting and sewing, the list goes on.  But this is the first time, I’ve recovered couch chairs.  🙂

This is what I started with.Image

VINTAGE dirty, icky, stained nasty, sun damaged yellowish suppose to be green couch chairs.  (the middle chair is missing in above picture).  


As you can see here, yellow suppose to be green….. I’ve started to take the first one apart in this picture, you can see the ick difference.  

I started with the middle chair and just took one apart and used it as a pattern to reupholster the rest…….  This whole process includes me, scrubbing all the chairs with soap and water. They were dirty! I wanted to sand and re-seal the wood, but the money the person had to spend was limited to make this project happen, so we decided not to do that at this time.  Purchasing the material (second hand at a yard sale, to keep down on costs) and the stuffing (brand new rolls, took six in total to finish all three chairs).  I actually had VINTAGE little tack nails, so I threw them into my actual hands on refurbishing price since that was the only other thing the person lacked. Image

Hard work pays off… After getting blisters from cutting material, and hitting my thumb one, just one really good time… I absolutely loved using vintage nails to complete this project!  It took me from start to finish about two weeks, having drying time for the wood to dry out, and fitting it into my already busy schedule.  🙂  (Gotta still ship those sold packages everyday!)  Anyways…


This is the first one completed. Woowee… Two more to go?! Is what I thought.  Definately wasn’t my most favorite thing I’ve ever done…. Engine finally starting more exciting… BUT this is the project I had taken on for that week… and chairs dont go crank vroom… 🙂  I’ve always wanted a patchworked chair – so maybe one day I’ll do it again for myself… 🙂  


So without, further ado…. I present to you finished couch chairs.




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